Gesner Web Design, based in Broadway, New Jersey, specializes in bringing small businesses into the digital age.
There is no excuse not to have a website at this point and considering how cheap it is you can't lose.
The worst thing that will happen is you'll bring in more business.

"Why do I need a website? I don't sell over the internet, so what's the point?"

"Why should I bother with the added expense of a website?"

Your website is just another form of advertising. It's a great way to provide information to your present and future customers.
Basically not having a website is like not having a listing in the phone book. In the internet world,
this is referred to as a "Corporate Presence." Even though your best business comes by word-of-mouth,
potential customers may want to check you out before calling or visiting your establishment.

A well designed, professional website can give you added visibility and credibility.

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